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Cass Edwards of Cascade Image and StyleTransformations guaranteed!

Image Consultant Cass Edwards had a long career in the insurance business in the City, working at various senior management and HR roles, before founding her own Image Consultancy at the start of 2007.

Interviewing for selection gave Cass an education in how clothes can make an enormous difference to both the first impression of the interviewer and the confidence of the candidate.  Her business experience has given her a real insight into the challenges faced by today’s working women – and men.

A passion for clothes and fashion led Cass to make a career change.  Now she really enjoys working in the one-to-one relationships she has with her clients and in helping them to shine.

 “I get enormous satisfaction from helping people to look their best” says Cass “Most people have no idea how fabulous they can look and the transformation astonishes them.  It’s not about fashion – fashion can be ridiculous – it’s about shape, style and colour and what works for that person”

“Image Consultancy is a wonderful area to work in,” she adds “because it makes people happy, saves them money and gives them confidence; it’s really satisfying seeing them go through a transformation”

Cascade Colour & Style is an Affiliate member of the Federation of Image Professionals International

Consultations normally take place in the relaxed and pleasant surroundings of Cascade Colour & Style’s studio at 252A Main Road, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 7AW

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 I learnt a lot and need to seriously address some wardrobe issues I may have (oh and possibly change the colour of my hair again)!!


The consultation was extremely helpful-, I have made a couple of additions already to my wardrobe, top and vest in poppy red and really see how it works with everything. So it is thumbs up!


I meant to write to tell you that since my friend Jill came to see you for her colour analysis, she has been transformed !  Her colour match wallet has become her bible – it has made an amazing difference.


I had numerous people say how well I looked. I wore a navy blue dress with my necklace and earrings which I purchased from you, a pink shawl and pink stilettoes.

I don’t think I have ever spent money  which has been so worthwhile


I thoroughly enjoyed my colour consultation with you.  That weekend I put the colours swatch on the floor by my wardrobes and had a bit of cull (most of the items were things I didn’t wear much anyway and knowing they were the wrong colours was the extra incentive I needed to get them in a bag to the charity shop!). 


 Discovering my colours was very exciting and I enjoyed our time together enormously. 

And best of all, I am now going to have even more fun putting all your advice into practice!


I got a gorgeous top by John Rocha in a colour ever so slightly brighter than my recommend teal but it ticks the boxes in every department. It fits well, hides my bumps, hangs well and is the right colour!

Clothes shopping is so much easier now. I just scan along the rows until I find my colours!


It’s been a really worthwhile exercise, and good fun too, coming to see you, so many thanks


I’m looking forward to finding my perfect red!!!! I have worn white since but have been “rescuing” it with some spring jewellery!!!!


I really enjoyed the consultation and have emptied out my wardrobe accordingly.

You enabled me to look at my clothes in a completely different way. It’s strange, the clothes I thought I felt safe in i.e. pinks and blacks, I’ve realised didn’t do a lot for me. I feel much more comfortable and confident in the autumn colours. I also feel that I’ve got more direction in my shopping, it’s good to know that everything I buy from now on will match in with my existing wardrobe. No more expensive mista…


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